Recycle your iPod at the Apple Retail Store.
Bring your old iPod to an Apple Retail Store and receive a 10 percent discount on the purchase of a new iPod.* 
Find a store near you
Did you know? If you have an old iPhone, you could get
an Apple Gift Card for its fair market value. Learn more
Recycle via mail.
If you don’t live near an Apple Retail Store, fill out the form below to recycle your iPod or mobile phone by mail. The 10 percent discount is only available at Apple Retail Stores. Items sent via mail do not qualify for compensation or discounts of any kind and can not be returned once sent.

1. How many iPod devices and cell phones do you have to recycle?
iPod (all models)
All models and types of cell phones

2. Fill in the form with your name and address.
3. Choose your shipping options.
Prepaid Printable Label
Print out a prepaid shipping label to place on your own packaging.
You will receive an email with printable postage and instructions.
Prepaid Mailer
You will be sent prepaid packaging materials free of charge.
You should receive the mailer in 7-10 business days.